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20 August 2011



hhahahah he did a pretty good job of getting all the icecream out!!


Oh, I feel guilty about it, but I am laughing like a loon!


ha ha ha - oh, Katy, I needed that laugh after my busy week. What a cat. In other news, Ava learned the heartbreaking news that her nose isn't long enough to reach the bottom of the yogurt container. Sabrina's nose was actually even longer than Apollo's; he now gets all the yogurt at the very bottom.


Sure, the ice cream container was fine when there was stuff left in it, but now that it's empty, kitteh thinks it's evil! Too funny!


So funny! I love animals and I do agree in preserving them for I treasure them a lot. Animals have feelings too so let us treat them properly with care.


Looks like a kitty impression of the Black Knight from Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Greyhounds CAN SIt

There's something a bit spooky about a cat with a yoghurt tub stuck on it's head!


By accident I've landed here. OMG Pepsi Cola is looking gorgeous , albeit, with old man grey. You are such a wonderful crittermom. Fatty bomba is a lucky lad. Cheers from CatSu


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That's so funny. Animals are also humans they have feelings too. We must treat them as a family. And take them a good care.

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