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11 August 2011



I am a hopeless puddle of giggles! You have a great song here! I think it's destined to be a hit!

Never Say Never Greyhounds

I didn't realize you were such a poet! :-)


now you just need 3 chords and you have a hit ;)


those boys - sooo cute and kissable. But Omo ... oh, Omo - your nose, it is the MOST kissable! MWAH!

Greyhounds CAN Sit

Lol, I need you to write an ode to Beryl and Frankie for me! I'd love to do something like that:)


Love the new hymn. In my head I've put it to kind of a punk beat. Sounds good. :)


Great hymn. My kids are wondering why I haven't written one for each of them :)

Griswald and Kya

pretty cool song, will be in my head all day!!! great pictures of you and your pup...

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