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01 May 2011



Those teeth are out of control! What a cutie!

Michelle at Tails Magazine

What a cutie!

Katy the Greaty


It must be nice to be these guys. I think hes adorable, but I know that if he were human, Id have a hard time giving him a kiss. Im bad. Ah, well. Hes not  human, and hes very cute.



that's some aerodynamic schnozz on that boy! And crazy teefs!! Adorable.

Katy the Greaty


Its hard not to get the soundtrack from Austin Powers looping through my head.


I bet the boys were ecstatic to see their mommy again. Boy, he could chop down a tree with those teeters. What a cutie!


that nose is nuts! i never knew dogs could twist and vibrate their noses until I got Barbie and became familiar with her 'anteater' look.

Greyhounds CAN SIt

Well, isn't Bungee just the cutest boy:) Yes, there is a definite resemblance to a Bilby there. I have to say he's got the longest schnozz I've ever seen and probably the kindest, most content eyes too. Bungee is a charmer:)

Never Say Never Greyhounds

Yikes! That is a hell of a snout!


holy cow..too cute! I love the overbites!!

AJ of PupLove

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