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08 May 2011



What a timely post, Katy. I've been so disorganized lately due to excessive panic/deadlines with my contract work. After my meetings this week, while the deadline panic has subsided, I still have a major shitload of work to do.

One of my things to do this weekend is to sit down with my day planner and plot out my week, instead of just jumping in Monday morning and grabbing the first work thing I see. I'm usually very organized and productive, but this last month or so has been in the toilet.

You are inspiring in that you can cram so much into your day, even though you work 10 hours and commute on top of that.

p.s. more Omo and Fab pics, please!


oh, and also - have you thought about a digital book e-reader? I have a Sony Touch PRS-650 and it's awesome! Very slim and lightweight, but you can store a TON of books on there. (Also magazines and newspapers, but I just use mine for books). My library has a growing collection of e-books for borrowing.


What gorgeous bed hoppers you have there!

I tried to learn to knit, but it appears it might be hopeless! I am impressed that you manage to squeeze so many of your passions into your day! I have an e-reader now, and I love it! All my books can go with me whenever I want!

Katy the Greaty

I have found one solution to getting through my TBR list. I decide which books I want to read and which I am willing to hear. I listen to audiobooks at work (thats allowed, too) and when Im stitching. I also go to bed with Sleep Phones and audiobooks. I just remember to go back 30 minutes in the story when I wake up. Ive also had to learn to be OK with not doing it all. Im not all OK with being OK yet.


Wow - a ninja ;) I did Karate as a tween... was handy when kids in the schooyard wanted to whale on me... I had my mean karate skillz, and after school, I always has a mean-lookin mongrel dog by my side ;)


I always knew you slept around - with dogs no less. Thanks for the sublime stitching linky. Awesome.


I have thought about karate in the past..let me know how that works out for you.

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