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27 April 2011



lol nice spider! :P

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner

I hope that is camera perspective working there. It looks like that thing is big enough to suck your face off :)


Holy crap! I am going to have nightmares about that thing, and I'm not generally creeped out by spiders. That thing is ginormous!


I'm there. I would love to take a photo tour of all crazy things in your yard. We don't have nearly so many big and venomous things over here in the States.

Greyhounds CAN SIt

I've never seen a spider in the flesh that huge, they obviously didn't have them that big until after I left Oz! What is it? It's rather cool:)

Katy the Greaty

Its big, but its about half way between my face and the camera at the end of my arm. She says that she misses you. I speak Spiderese.

Katy the Greaty


If you want, Ill send you a box of these babies. Theyre all over the place. I know that a big box of spiders would make someones day very special.

Thank me later.


Holy shit. I hope that's some weird depth-of-field trick. If not, I'm not coming to Oz EVAH!



Por mi, esto no la mejor variante


I think there's a message in the middle of that web. "keep your face out of my place."

Never Say Never Greyhounds

Ummm... there is something on your nose.

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