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26 April 2011



I think sometimes, we just need to reconnect with them in our dreams. Maybe it's more a metaphor for wishing you could slay the circumstances of her death than anything else. She was a beauty!


Sounds like your brain is finding closure. Love the pic. Might have to get a similar shot of me and Stella next time she's lounging in the grass.


beautiful pic of her and you! I'm glad you had a little more time with her in your dream.


Tamale must have had a good sense of humour to come to you in the belly of a snake!!

Greyhounds CAN SIt

That is very deep! I think you can read anything you want into the symbolism of dreams and if I were you I'd be thinking that Tamale was letting you know that she knows you would have saved her if it were at all possible. Lovely photo of you both.


Hugs! Sometimes our brain knows we need a little closure. She was one lucky greyhound.

Griswald and Kya

Your nightmare was really a great dream...so sorry, Peace...

Katy the Greaty

Griswald and Kya, 

It was really great to feel that I saved her. Ill take that any day.


Katy the Greaty

We can be heroes in our dreams. I am glad that her toots dont enter my dreams, though. She is still legend in that regards. 

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