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04 December 2010



That place looks like heaven for dogs, but I'm not sure that those Frogs would do too well with Bender around. He is well known for his tendency towards frog murder! :P


I'll pass on the frogs, thanks! But the rest looks like great fun! I'm the friend you wanted to bring over next time, right? I just knew it! :P

Your sarcasm is one of my favorite parts!


Wouldn't like the frogs indoors, but therest of the place looks fab.

Loving the photos. I wish I ould be surrounded by so many Greys.


Great pix! I loved the way you added the thumbnails so we could page through a lot of images in one blog. That was way cool!

And the video was wild!


What a fantastic bullsitting post!!! Great pictures and brekky looks fantastic!


Katy the Greaty

Thank you, Pamela. I kept forgetting to try the thumbnail option. I wasnt sure how itd work. I think its nice for a photo-rich post. 

I was back at the Mothership today. It absolutely poured. The dogs smelled like hells mildewy laundry.

Hawk aka BrownDog

Just hopped by to say "hi y'all!"

When we are at home in the low country we have to step carefully or we might tread on a little froggy. They start about February and sorta go into the wetland muck around this time of year. During the spring rainy season the green tree frogs are everywhere, on the rooftops, windows and even the roads...kinda hard to drive without runnin' them down. Fortunately my Humans aren't afraid of them, but they do watch where they step, especially at night.

Do y'all have snakes like water moccasins down there? What about alligators?

Y'all come by now,

Hawk aka BrownDog

Life With Dogs

How's this for dedication? Three day power outage followed by a snowstorm, and the hop goes off as scheduled. Pansy-ass New Englanders...my ass! :p

Besides, I can't help it if y'all can't set your clocks right...


I love the froggies!! But, not sure about them coming in--I sometimes get a little sceered at things I don't know about. But spending all that time on a farm sounds like FUN.


what an awesome post! I have to go out, but when I come back I'm going to go through it again and look at all the wonderful photos!

Katy the Greaty


Comment dit on Whatevs en Vermontoise? Dont try to get Hearty McFarty on me. 


p.s. Actually, that goes for all of you. No one is allowed to get McFarty on me. I obviously didnt put that in my wedding vows, but since then, Ive learned.

Katy the Greaty

Oh Sage, I look forward to when Im there and see them pop out out of the pipes during a deluge. I saw them last night after they had been dumped. The Mothership has two 10,000 L rain tanks and there were 4-6 frogs on each. 

When I return from the US, Ill bring back a point-and-shoot video camera for these guys. Theyre really ... cuddly.


Those frogs are freaking HUGE! Like green bell peppers. I always thought tree frogs were just wee things.


Were there 8 ghs at the Mothership?

Katy the Greaty

Lets see. There were guests greys: Omo, Fab, and Iris Pie-Face. Then we had the hots with the mosts: Elmo, Jelly, Flash (Fabians mum) Priscilla, Bonnie, and three JRTs below the bellies.

Sent from my iPhone, toots.


Does Brooke not blog any more? I miss seeing Miss Iris Pie Face ...

Katy the Greaty

Re: Iris Pie
Im going to xfer hers over and be her blog beeyoch. She can send to me and Ill post. Shes in an Internet black hole.

Sent from my iPhone, toots.


Oh man, I need a friend a with a cool farm that needs someone to farm-sit for a few days. Watching that video makes me wanta visit the QLD!


Man that farm looks like fun!

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Nubbin wiggles,

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