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06 November 2010



I love this post! Perspective is something I think about often myself. I happen to love yours when you talk about your crew, too!

Tee hee! You mean I'm not the only one waiting for that link to get posted?

Griswald and Kya

Thanks for sharing your perspective on perspective....a great reminder that there's lots of ways to look at things...love your pet family...Fat Bastard is pretty fat!!! & Omom & Zuni are so pretty... enjoy your weekend away from work...

Katy the Greaty

Fat Bastard is the only pet Ive had that gets bigger on a diet. He even eats the lamb bones we give the dogs. When the blind cat eats, he hovers and attacks. I have to be around to shut the door or play cat hockey.


Fab post.

Video of Riddle was lovely. Sure makes you think.

Katy the Greaty

I know. When I first saw the video, I missed where they said that he was born without eyes. I couldnt figure out his disability. How would you notice? He doesnt stay still long enough, playful devil.


Yep, it really is about perspective. That was a great post and I enjoyed every bit of it!


Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Zuni is just gorgeous. We have one that looks just like her. It is amazing how animals can adjust to what ever problem that they have. Have you read the book Homer, the blind cat?? It is a great read.
Loved seeing all your animals.
Take care and have a good week end.

Katy the Greaty

Marg, I have not read that book. Ive also been curious about the book on the library cat. This better not be a Where the Red Fern Grows tearjerker. Man, I still cry about that one. Zuni went blind before our eyes. Literally. She got up on to a chair in front of us with no problem. She couldnt get down or out of the room. Must have been a snap thing. Shes new to the skill of being blind, but shes an old cat who learns new tricks very well.

Life With Dogs

LOL! I catch hell for this every week. Fix your damn clocks! :p


Omo is looking huge and healthy. Very great crew and its all about perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyr_KC2dbao Very nice interesting article and you are doing very good job. I always love your blog and enjoyed every bit.


Great post, we love the kitty eyes!

Nubbin wiggles,

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