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13 November 2010



Loving the photo of you in your pjs with your new bike:)

Also love the photo of Omo. I use a simple seatbelt strap to keep Song secure inthe back of the car. It clicks into the seatbelt and then clips to her collar or lead. Also have a hammock type thing, which fixes from the headrests on the front seats across to the headrests on the back seat. Means Song can't go down into the foot wells.


My blog is also a pet/bicycle blog, and Pitties in the City occasionally also have bike posts. I think it is definatley socially acceptable in the pet blogger world ;) Even better when there are pets AND bikes at the same time.

Greyhounds CAN Sit

Your bike is so hot! I love her even if I can't pronounce her name:-) I have seen a wagon on a blog somewhere, ages ago, but I think it only held one dog and you'd need a tandem! Good luck finding something.

Hawk aka BrownDog

Hi Y'all,
Just had a moment before the Humans get rushing around and wanted to stop, see what y'all 've been doin' all week and say Hi!
Love the bike! Wish we had one!
My Human Momma didn't have a bike growin' up. She went everywhere on horseback and never missed one...do they have grown up trainin' wheels? Maybe I could pull her?
Y'all come by now!
Hawk aka BrownDog


Hopped by to say hi! I think bike adventures would be a fun addition to your blog. My Mom never rides hers--I could have been running along side of it. I think I'll tell her to get busy!!

Moxie Paws

Love the "retro wheels", and speaking of wheels I need to get some new wheels (car) for pooches that I walk. This is my least favorite past time...
Omo looks might cumfy! Hop, hop, hop....

Griswald and Kya

mmmmm....posts about fat tyres & needle noses; sounds good to me! Happy blog hop Saturday


Katy, love this post! I have much to say. LOL! First, that bike is FABUlous! I have a Giant Suede GX that is similar, but not quite as gorgeous as yours. I have bland, black panniers, not Basils. Serious ENVY going on here. This past summer I didn't use my bike as much as I could have for errands, small grocery runs, etc.

I, too, have often thought of getting a trailer for our bikes for the poopers. Apollo would LOVE to be squired around like that. Sabrina probably would, too, once she got used to it.

That photo of my boy Omo riding in the footwell reminded me of when Sabrina first came to us, probably in the first month. We were driving to town in the car and she managed to wedge herself just like that, but more like a turtle on her back, and couldn't extricate herself. Cue Greyhound Scream of Death. We had to pull off the highway, bail out and both of us open the back doors to get her out. We fixed that with a body pillow stuffed into the footwells so that she had more space to spread out and she couldn't get stuck any more.

I sent you that link for the harnesses, didn't I? They are quite useful and good for safety, but the poopers might take a few trips before they get accustomed to them.

More cycle photos would be awesome!!


I LOVE that bike! How frickin' cool is that?!

Hubby loves riding his bike and often takes his younger siblings, niece and nephew off on trail adventures. He has a new nephew who's just a year and a half old and he wanted to take him on rides with him. He lucked out and found a trailer, ahem, wagon, that has two seats at a garage sale and is happy as a clam. Bunny can get in there and lay down, but we haven't tested taking her for a ride. I'm betting you can find something that will work!

Amy / Layla the Malamute

Very cool! I love the bike. I still have the same bike that I got for Christmas about 12 years ago, but I'm too sentimentally attached to get rid of it. We've been through a lot together. Now, I have one of the attachments so I bike with the dog, too. I also am a slow cyclist. My family and I used to camp in the summer every year, and I'd bring my bike (of course). I'd do many miles, but I got so much more out of the experience by going slow and taking in everything than speeding by faster than cars.

Never Say Never Greyhounds

"70s-era maxi pads" - I am going to have nightmares now. :-)

Life With Dogs

Omo needs his own black bar, and I'm glad to think of you not driving frequently, not sure why. ;)

Katy the Greaty

I have sourced some back-seat hammocks. 

One thing thats really hard is finding the time to go to those stores on my time off. They seem to be in places that are big-box stores, but I think I found a place near by. They said theyd come out and work with me to get the best harness for the tripod. Things are so expensive here; I hate to risk buying one that doesnt suit Fabian.

I now pack all my things in the footwell. Omo was not impressed. He still tried to hunker down, but he only sank about 10 cm. HA! SUCKER! 

Katy the Greaty


Im getting more familiar with the other blogs now that Im taking the laptop to work to blog on the train home. I read on the train to work. The ride home is for catching up on others posts. Im finding more of those funny combo blogs. There seems to be a blog for everything and now for every combo. Greyhounds and cheese makers! Cat rescue and stapler collecting. Parrots and all things oatmeal.

Katy the Greaty

I am hoping that the ones for large dogs will be thinking big St Bernard. I know that my two wouldnt add up to that. My main concern is my own fitness. I have only three gears. I might be herniating several key organs if I tow these kids up slight inclines. I might end up with speed-skater thighs.

Hawk aka BrownDog

Just wanted to say thanks for stoppin'.
Since I'm not allowed to chase things, even squirrels, I wouldn't miss them one bit.
Take care now,
y'all come back,
Hawk aka BrownDog


What about this one hun?


It's on Ebay Australia. There are loads.


Just hopping by and I'm glad I stopped. I dress like a fat tire slow rider but I ride a skinny tire bike that could take me across the country if I wanted to. The skinny tires really help on the steep hills around here.

Anyway, I have a dog "wagon" but I don't find the dogs appreciate it too much. I think they'd rather run alongside.

On this post you'll find my last dog Shadow in her Doggy Ride trailer: http://www.somethingwagging.com/?p=726. It's expensive but solid. It also works great for groceries, plants, and taking beach chairs to the shore.

Katy the Greaty


It could have just as easily been renamed Big Tocks and Wide Seats.

Pets Boarding Basics

She look absolutely good with her bike,i think she is enjoying it ..My sweetheart just loves riding his bike and he often takes me for a long travel... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpV5bFP657I hope,it will be a safety ride ...

Katy the Greaty

Ive been zonked when not working or getting to work, so I apologise if Ive doubled up. I think thats what I need to do--find a kiddie one on eBay or in The Trading Post and alter it. The problem with a sparse population over a huuuuuuge -- -- (tracts of) land mass is that one city doesnt give you a great pool for 2nd-hand items. Ill look. My dogs will wait. 

Katy the Greaty


you young uns. but you know im right. you look at those cyclists and tell me they dont look like theyre padded. ask them if they sometimes dont feel so fresh.

Katy the Greaty


Those look good. I want to go to a pet store that is consumer-friendly so that I can try them in my Suzuki. Other dog-car things weve tried have been too small for a previous car. We want to make sure before we dump cash. I like those slings, though.

Katy the Greaty

This will be a must-have. Since mine seem to either be constantly in corns (one dies, another appears) or deciding to be tripodular, theyre stuck with smaller walks or out-and-out runs in the country. As theyre greys, no way could I run fast enough to get them going. Fabian gets sore hopping and has to rest. I think this would be a great way to find the dog parks that arent populated. Or just enjoy the new smells. Nothing like a coffee shop for suckers. Theyre as into suckers as they are parks.

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