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23 October 2010


Terri Jacobson

I picked you up via the Pet Blog Hop.

You have a beautiful pair of greyhounds.

Here in Oregon, the greyhounds rock and roll our world.

Cheers and Roos!


So glad they all had a fun time. Had a good laugh at Ron slipping over (hope he didn't hurt himself) and the reaction of your boys:)

Greyhounds CAN Sit

I can relate to your away from home hours. My job is similar although more random. I can relate to the turkey neck too! I hope you did enough shopping to make it worth being away from the kids for so long, although it sounds like they had a great time without you:-) Except perhaps when First Mate Ron landed on the floor between them! The camera is never turned on at moments like that.


My dogs would love that! I take them to a boarding kennel place that lets them run around in grassy paddocks all day but I think they would love a household in the country better!

Life With Dogs

Bragging scars are the greatest gift you can offer those boys. The lady hounds at the dog park will be smitten.. :)


Thanks for hopping over my way today! Those are very pretty greyhounds, such sweet faces!

Katy the Greaty

If Fabian gets enough scars, I can start working on my story of how he lost his leg in a fight with a crocodile.

Katy the Greaty

Sue, I told Ron that I couldnt not laugh. He understood. We all knew that if it were in a movie, itd be hilarious. Poor guy. He loves Fabian, and so he gets away with a lot there.

Katy the Greaty


It is always worth it for a trip to Melbourne. When the boys go to the country, I pick up cupcakes and treats for thank-you pressies. I think there is a chance that Ill start dropping them off there just to get cupcakes later. The Captain of the Mothership makes a great ice cream slice. We go over for day trips, too. The dogs know that Im cheap for treats.

Katy the Greaty

Terri, I think we were hopping at the same time and cross commented. I love the hop. It makes me more disciplined. 


Enjoyed reading your blog! There's always something interesting going on when animals are involved (whether of the two or four footed variety!). Thanks for visiting Critter Alley, nice to meet you!

Kristin G

It sounds like there's never a dull moment for you and the pets. They do make life more interesting for us humans. :)


Yay! You got your innernets back! And Omo and Fab - LOVE! That's cute that they got to go to "camp" and get dirty and stinky and had a blast. No place like home, though!

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