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15 October 2009



Just looking at those sweet eyes makes me cry. I'm so sorry for you and Mark. I feel your grief. It's so difficult to lose one of our dear ones so suddenly.

Sarah Regan Snavely

I'm so sorry for your loss...


What can I say?- I'm sorry is so inadequate.
All across the world hounds and their owners are joining in a farewell howl to Tamale.


I'm hugging Connor and Elly a little more fiercely, with tears in my eyes...I'm so sorry Katy xxxxxxxxx


She will be missed. I am very sorry. Cali, Dana, Henry, Dante and Shiloh send wet nose kisses ..


you and your pups have touched the far corners of this globe and our hearts...from my family to yours, we're thinking of you in this toughest of times. she will forever be in all of our hearts.



I'm so very sorry to hear this.


Our deepest condolences for your loss. You and your family will be in our thoughts.


We are so sorry to hear about your beloved Tamale, our hearts go out to you, Mark the kids and Omo. Big Big Hugs and smooches from Murphy and Homer and the rest of us.


Read about Tamale but never met her but yet I sit here crying my eyes out. I am so sad for your loss.
Jenny, Grace, Milly and Frank from Barkings of a Greyhound


We miss you Tamale! Thanks for letting your mom post about all your crazy antics over the years.


So sorry for your loss..........((((((hugs)))))

Life With Dogs

Sincere condolences - I longed for your return to blogging, but not under these circumstances.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I have a big lump in my throat. I'm hugging Sabrina and Apollo right now.

Brooke Lidle

I am so sorry that it took me age to post a comment but everytime I read this I cry. I miss her too. I can't believe that I am never going to see that dorky face looking at me, head down giving me the stinkeye because I am not getting her dinner bowl onto its stand fast enough. Or watch her stroll through my house casually with a toy in her mouth, taunting the others because she has it and no one else can have it. Or the filthy look she gave me each Xmas when I made her wear a Santa hat. She was, and will always be, the Original Number One Snorkelface.

Katy the Greaty

She loved going to Camp Spaz with the best counselors ever! I had to carry the ungrateful cow to the car just to go home. Camp Doggie Crackhouse was more like it.

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