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17 October 2008


I sing to greyhounds

I cannot tell a lie. It's love. Pure dirty greyhound love. Pepper came to watch. Tamale was too busy making out with Matsie. I notice that he got away unscathed in your viscious attack on moi.... He was the one that MADE me disturb the penguin peace. You have seen what he wanted to do with your busty shegnome....!
Me me me me em mememememememmmeeememememe it's all about ME : )


LOL, now that's an interesting post. What's going on there with all the penguins? Are you a linux fan?

Greyhounds cheat constantly, no devotion to their owner!


dog porn. brooke is into dog porn. you'll have to face it. some people have deep, dark secrets that they can no longer hide. you'll have to decide if you will accept her for who she is, or point and laugh at her regularly. i think the second option is way more fun.


And Peppa as well! I thought Brooke was a "non-cat person" whats going on?


Now I'm afraid to have our usual dogsitter come watch our dogs. Who knows what my guys are doing with her. Just to play it safe, I won't show them this blog entry. Don't want to give them any ideas :)


You should see my dog's reactions when Gyeong and Kristen come over..like suddenly their favorite people have arrived. never mind those that FEED them.
Omo has no shame..


A very good friend of mine has promised to take care of Tara for a few days. But after reading your post I started to question her intentions. She's awfully keen on helping us.... check. She's willing to stay overnight.... check. She says she's experienced with dogs... check. Maybe it's better I'll postpone the visit to my parents, just to be on the safe side. Maybe I'll visit them 2013. Or 2015.

I didn't know greyhounds are so shameless. I should have known though, since our hound is flirting with _everyone_. Except the vet.


What the heck are they eating?


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