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01 May 2008



OMG, I hope you didn't get bit by a paralysis tick! Be sure to use Frontline!

Get well soon!


I'm so sorry. That sucks! I once had a urinary tract infection when we were having our bathroom renovated, so when we had to go we used the neighbor's pool house. So I had to make about 100 trips next door, at all times during the day and night, in dying pain, after consuming 1000 gallons of cranberry juice to go to the bathroom. So at least you get to stay inside of the house.

Get better soon. Make Tamale move over and give you room on the bed.


That sucks! Never had mono. I can't catch it from reading your blog, can I? :)


That sucks (and I said that before seeing the other posts - suggests that it really does suck). From a needle nose perspective, let us know if you need the dogs walked at all. Take care and try not to go too potty whilst on the mend.


Oh dear, I'm sorry you're unwell.... I think girl dogs are just uncaring and selfish - Connor sympathises with illness, Elly just wants to know when she's getting to go to the park....
Get better soon, take care


Mono as in the "kissing disease", who ya been kissing? I hope you feel better soon! I had mono with strep throat 5 years ago and I just wanted to die. I was like a true southern redneck with my own "spit cup"- it was less painful to spit out my spit instead of swallow :-x


I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Never had Mono but I heard you get it from kissing boys ...boys are dirty. ;-)

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