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14 March 2008



I think where Omo went wrong was the whole "roll over on my back, pose for the camera, look cute" move, letting Polly out of his grasp for just a few minutes, which let Tamale see a weakness and slide in for the steal.

It cracks me up when I growl at my girls and just look up and sniff at me too. They don't take me seriously either.

Polly deserved to die. Slow-ass painful death :). I love to move the hyphen too.


Hahahaha, that is a great video! Where are the pics of the gnome?


Looks like G put up a good fight, but I guess we know who the alpha is.
WATS are cool. If you're wealthy, they just call you 'eccentric'.
So skinny? They're just doing their part to fight the obesity problem here in the States.

lil shaz

That is not the same Omo!

When did he get so energetic...? I call imposter!

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