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16 January 2008



hehehehehe - I had a belly-dancing friend once who lost it laughing at Connor doing his 'whole-body-shimmy' thang after a bath one day - I explained that it was his Egyptian heritage that made him so good (even his tail shimmies when he shakes, very impressive - I love that even the tip of his tail gets a shake on)....she thought I was taking the piss....
Enjoy your holidays!!!


don't you hate it when you edit a sentence, but forget to delete the bit you replaced....sorry for the double tail-review....!


Sure beats the snow in January. But kinda weird to think of snow in July. How does that KC & the Sunshine Band song go? Shake, shake, shake... Shake, shake, shake that booty.


They always have great aim don't they? It seems like they walk around soaking wet until they are right next to you! Ah, sun and sand in January. So jealous right now!

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