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07 January 2008



Hahaha, that's one of the funniest greyhound photos ever!


hahahahahaa - I have learned that greyhounds are quite crude, rude and lecherous - I cant wander 'round the house in the nuddy any more, because every time I stop, or bend down to pick something up, there's a cold wet nose up my clacker.....maybe I should just stop picking things up.....

lil shaz

How's the Omo?


Congrats on the de-balling! Just luurve the teeth...thats one HOT TAMALE!


Nice Teefers!

Omo's just glad no more pictures of his privates.


Tamale may be showing her southern roots. That's a perfect fainting - "I can't possibly believe what I just saw," - pose. Knowing all the time how deliciously naught it was. I mean, the girls been living with a fella with a uniball for how long? She's seen plenty!

How's the Omo? Do we get a tock' shot of the final product?


Great shot! I am also surprised there are no photos of Omo's privates..he can't be shy at this point, can he?

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