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16 April 2011



hahah I bet she loved that cake!!! it's hard to be away from them, hope they aren't too bored with a regular house when they come home!


I love ramen noodles. Sapporo Ichiban and Shin are my favorites. I wish I could bike to work. You get up way early. Do you see farmers getting out bed on your way to the station? I bet the kids will be excited about the renovations.

Greyhounds CAN SIt

I love the second photo of Jelly. She looks like the cat who KNOWS she's about to get the cream. Well, a cat probably doesn't look like that at all but Jelly looks very happy:)

Who needs a toothbrush?

Katy the Greaty

Im hoping that theyll appreciate not having to share attention. Oh, and theres a cat here. I hope that they remember that theyre a friend of the puss.

Katy the Greaty

ha! no farmers, g. i get on the train with people in construction and the drunks from the night before. 

the funny thing about riding the bike is that the ride wakes me up nicely. id be grumpier if i woke up an hour and a half later but had to drive. 

right now its very dark in the morning, so i take the side roads. there are too many spider webs out there that i cant see. the early bird gets the worm. the early cyclist gets the spiderwebs.

Katy the Greaty

jelly had been eyeing that cake for a while. i think we brought it out but then the phone rang. i cant remember; i just know that she was staring for a long time before i decided to be nice. 


Don't forget to switch up the ramen noodles with some peanut butter and jelly. The dogs would like it better too.

Reading your post, BTW, gave me an overwhelming urge to patch my bicycle tire. Thank you.

Kristin G.

Guess who's craving pound cake in a BIG way now: me!!! Yum! Enjoy the weekend!


Now I want pound cake:)
What a great way to start your day off by cycling! I wish I had that motivation!


That cake looks good! I'm sure the renos will be worth the ramen-noodle regimen...at least those noodles come in all sorts of flavours nowadays! ;)


Jelly is a sweetheart! I'd give her my pound cake, too. We have done some interior mods for the hounds (putting carpet runner on the stairs, more little mats on the slippery floor). We started that back in December when Sabrina was having trouble walking without falling down. :-( However, we've kept them because Apollo is so much more confident with the very slippery laminate flooring covered in travel paths. Ava has a little trouble on the slippery floor, too.

We plan to put in a dog ramp over the back deck stairs (a la Gyeong) this summer. Sabrina was fairly easy to carry up/down the stairs when she started failing, but there's no way I can manage behemoth 85 lb. Apollo, should the need arise.

Hope you have your fence done and poopers back with you soon!

AJ of PupLove

Well that's definitely an efficient toothbrush, there! ;)


Why must you taunt me with pound cake?! Katy! Seriously!

I am missing your boys for you! I will be glad when you get them back. I'm a little concerned about Manboy meeting the fence guys naked, though...

I am begging you! Please, we have got to see a picture of Omo's nails in teal!

Katy the Greaty

@something wagging (P),

Oh, I do love me a toasted peanut butter and jam sammich. I dont like toast, natch, but I do love a toasted sammich with melty guts. Ive gotten used to saying jam instead of jelly here because jelly is the Oz (NZ, too?) term for flavoured gelatine, or Jell-O. 

Raspberry and apricot jams are my favourite, but I like to look around and experiment. You know, show my wild jam side. The great thing about a messy melted peanut butter sammy is that the plates get messy and need expert licking to get them ready for the dishwasher. I know. Some people hate that, but if youre okay with putting carcass on a plate and eating off it later, a tongue is nothing. 

At least its getting cooler. One large kettle of soup can last a long time. Stir-fries are always good--Manboy loves his wok. Breakfast for dinner--eggs. Budgeting blows.


Katy the Greaty

@Newfies (J),

Its not so much motivation as it is necessary. To get to work by 7, I have to catch that one train. The first train on my line into the city gets me to the station with one minute to transfer. If I dont drive but dont want to ride the bike, I have to walk. Walking at that time does not make me happy. Ill walk at lunch and at night. The morning? I mean the late late late night/early early early morning? No, thank you very little. 

So what started out as a must, has become a lust. Ha. That makes me sound like a Victorian newly-wed.


NSN Greyhounds

I'd love to ride my bike to work each morning. What a great way to start the day!

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