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30 March 2011



MOO! My dogs say they are jealous and want their own mothership.

Never Say Never Greyhounds

I am so not a snuggle sleeper. I could never share a twin bed with anyone.... maybe a chihuahua. :-) I do like sharing a bigger bed with Riley dog though... just not a twin.


OMO & FAB!! Yay, I missed seeing them!


Oh, there are those handsome fellows! I've missed seeing them, not that I don't enjoy your witty words, but well, they're just more entertaining when accompanied by a few gratuitous hound shots! Ah, bliss! I never get tired of reading your blog. You have to be the funniest person I know!


I sleep in the middle of the bed & snuggle both of my people. They say I am a bed hog!

Nubbin wiggles,

Greyhounds CAN Sit

I've got a queen sized bed which I share with Frankie. Beryl would love to sleep with us but she takes up too much room! And Frankie likes to move around a bit and Beryl doesn't appreciate that and Frankie can't understand why. So I try and make it up to Beryl by spending some time cuddling with her on my bed and then Frankie looks all hurt and neglected:( Sometimes they're worse than 2 legged kids, lol!

I do admire your threesome photos! It's easy to see that while the boys are having a wonderful time at the Mothership they do miss their real Mum:) Is that a real, live frog?

Katy the Greaty

yes, thats a real emerald tree frog. theyre all over The Mothership. When it rains, they flop out of the pipes and are all over the porch. the dogs ignore them. i love the way they feel. theyre so mellow.

id love to have omo always sleep on the bed with me, but his weenies too leaky (catheter stuff). id need a brolly sheet. oh, and mark would go nuts. id talk all night to them.


Frog on the dog is hysterical..


Seriously, I cannot believe the frog on dog torture. Have they tried to eat one? Or at least carry it around in a very proud of myself way?

Pets Heart Health

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